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Initial & basic social education

Initial & basic social education

From the first day of the puppy at home to adolescence, adulthood and the wonderful senior phase.

puppy socialization, puppy training, puppy classes, puppies

Initial Education

  • Socialization
  • Potty Training
  • Prevention of Unwanted Behaviours
  • Independence from the Guardian
  • Basic Training
  • Physical and Mental Stimulation
Teenage dog, pull the leash, bark, young adult, adolescent dog, young dog

Basic social and continuing education

  • Basic Training
  • Focus on the guardian
  • Walking on the Lead
  • Recall
  • Socialization
  • Know how to Relax
puppy socialization, puppy training, puppy classes, puppies

Initial education

Experiences and learning in the initial phase of a dog's life are important, and consequently will shape his temperament and behaviour when in adults.

Therefore, and not only, it is crucial to start the relationship, socialization and education with your new friend in the best way.

The initial education and training sessions are adapted to each dog, however there are topics that are important to be addressed and implemented to most dogs, such as:


Socialize and accustom the puppy to new environments, people, dogs, objects, sounds, floors, handling for veterinary and hygiene care.

potty training

Implementation of routines and techniques in the dog's learning to go potty 'in the right place'.

Prevention of unwanted behaviours

With environmental management and behavioural modification techniques I help the guardian manage and improve the normal behaviours of a dog, such as "nipping" (bite inhibition), bark, dig, chew, jump, among others.

Independence from the guardian

Since dogs are social animals, it is not natural for them to be alone and confined at home.

Teaching your dog to feel calm and comfortable alone is the first step in preventing problems related to being home alone.

Basic education

One of the simplest ways to start developing bonds with your dog is to do activities together, one of them is training.

They will learn basic signs such as sitting, laying down, going to the 'bed' to relax, recall and knowing how to walk with a lead (among others).

Physical and mental stimulation

At this stage cognitive skills are developing, and activities that provide mental stimulation and play will help your puppy in solving problems and also in his memory.

My plan implements routines that provide physical and mental stimulation appropriate to each age, condition and breed, in addition, helps to prevent unwanted behaviours, such as destructive behaviours, anxiety and frustration.

Teenage dog, pull the leash, bark, young adult, adolescent dog, young dog

Basic social and continuing education

Ideal for young dogs that are still in the learning phase.

Dogs that have some kind of difficulty in the exercises already learned, such as improving the focus on the tutor or the recall.

Basic education

Teach basic signs such as 'sit', 'down' (with stay), go to 'bed' to relax, 'touch' (among others).

Focus on the guardian

Help your teenage dog offer and maintain more focus on you in different contexts.

loose lead walking

It is natural that with so much to explore and with a different stride from ours that our dogs have a tendency to pull on the lead.

With these sessions you will have pleasant walks and without pulling.


Having a good recall give your more freedom (in the right places ) while preventing incidents.


Socialization and habituation to new environments, people, dogs, objects, sounds, floors, handling for veterinary and/or hygiene care, when necessary and adapted to the case.


Lower your dog's energy level by teaching exercises that promote calm behaviours and relaxation, in addition to implementing a daily routine of physical and mental stimulation.

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Initial, basic and continuing education

"Puppy Essential" Package and basic social education

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Initial Assessment

  • Duration of 90 minutes.
  • Prior filling of a brief form by the guardian before the initial assessment session.
  • Introduction to canine learning and canine language.
  • Topics such as socialization, needs in the right place, prevention of unwanted behaviours, guardian independence, basic education, mental and physical stimulation, family routines and objectives of guardians will be addressed.
  • An individualized "Education and Socialization Guide" will be prepared and adapted to the needs of the puppy/young adult and the family.
  • Support via email and/or WhatsApp for 12 weeks, after the first session.
  • Access to a private sharing community.

Follow-up sessions

  • 4 sessions of Basic Education and Socialization lasting 60 minutes.
  • They are adapted to the needs of the dog and the family according to the evolution of their learning.
  • After each session, a summary of the recommendations/exercises to be applied until the next session will be prepared.


  • These sessions are aimed at puppies up to 5 months and young adults who have behaviours such as pulling on lead, little focus on the guardian, jumping on people, difficulty in recall or difficulty in the exercises already learned.
  • If the dog exhibits behaviours other than those described above or according to the initial evaluation, a behavioural therapy package will be recommended.
  • A pack of 4 sessions or individual follow-up session can be added when necessary.

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